The history of beeing

The story of Beeing begins in 2010, with a small but very special inheritance: about ten hives left to Roberto by his grandfather Pietro, a beekeeper.

It was at that moment that Roberto started to approach the world of beekeeping and bees, recognizing all its beauty but also its difficulties: the need for large spaces, equipment and a lot of time and energy.

Roberto, today CEO of Beeing, starts to question a practice that has remained almost unchanged for a long time.

But it’s in 2017 the turning point. In a start-up accelerator Roberto met Gabriele, a computer engineer and today co-founder. The two of them combine their passion for beekeeping with the one for technology and from this understanding Beeing was born, which combined design, technology and Made in Italy to develop an innovative business, at the basis of which there was a simple and revolutionary goal at the same time: to protect bees, to digitalize beekeeping and to spread urban beekeeping, as a tool for the transition towards sustainable cities.

Beeing’s activity started with the development and commercialization of digital sensors for beekeepers, called ioBee (today under the brand antifurtoarnia), sensors that allow to remotely monitor the health of bees.

Then in 2019, the launch of B-BOX, the first urban bee hive that, with corwdfunding alone, conquers more than 450 users in over 40 countries around the world, a real revolution for the concept of beekeeping.

The projects have then expanded: bio-monitoring of air quality through bees, the development of smart urban apiaries and educational activities on the theme of bees and the creation of a program for the adoption of beehives at a distance.

The Beeing community now counts hundreds of urban beekeepers and professional beekeepers with one thing in common: a deep love and respect for bees and nature.

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