Biodiversity KIT

BeeingHotel hexagonal + bee friendly seeds + e-book about bees


The biodiversity kit is designed to give a home also to other pollinators such as osmie bees.
This type of bee does not produce honey and does not have a rigid stinger, but they also pollinate flowers on a daily basis.

The kit includes:

  • BeeingHotel
  • Pollinator Friendly Seeds
  • e-Book about bees

We normally ship in 2 business days, outside the European community we can’t ship the bee friendly seed packet.

The BeeingHotel should be placed in a place protected from bad weather, for the sowing of the seeds it is good to follow the indications on the sachet in order to achieve the maximum degree of germination.
Osmie bees are completely autonomous, the BeeingHotel does not need particular cares if placed in a sheltered place from the rain.

what you get with the Biodiversity Kit


A hexagonal nest designed to house native solitary nesting bees and to help create pollinator corridors in habitats affected by logging and urbanization.

Bee Friendly Flowers

An extended flowering seed mix selected for the well-being of bees and pollinating insects.

e-book about bees

A digital book with lots of interesting facts about bees. Also suitable for children.


Our Bee Hotel provides space and encourages several species of pollinators to take up residence in your garden.

In addition to European honey bees, there is a huge variety of solitary nesting bees looking for a cozy home to nest in.

Different types of pollinators require different types of homes. Cavity-nesting bees use hollow plant stems or holes in wood to lay their eggs. These solitary bees do not have queens or workers, nor do they store honey in their small nests. 

In addition to nesting, some species like to hibernate during the winter and are looking for sheltered spaces with plant material as insulation.

Our bee hotel aims to replicate these ideal nesting conditions for the dual purpose of supporting these incredible insects while your garden reaps the benefits of their stay.

Not every species nests in a pollinator house like this one. There are many other ways you can help support solitary nesters. That’s why you’ll also find a mix of bee-friendly flower seeds to create the ideal pollinator habitat in your garden.

Our bee-hotel has a depth of 12 cm, an ideal length to ensure the reproductive success of solitary bees and defend them from weather and pests.

The placement of BeeingHotel

 The nest/shelter must be sheltered from the wind

  • shelter from excessive moisture. Although the roof is treated to insulate the shelter from rainwater, it would be preferable to place it out of the rain (under a canopy, a slope, an eave or any covering)
  • Expose the nest/shelter to the southeast; other exposures may compromise its proper functioning because they imply less heating of the housing.
  • Place the nest/shelter at least 5 feet high, either in a tree or on a simple pole strong enough to hold the structure firmly and without vegetation in front of it that may obscure or hinder entry into the small tunnels.
  • Secure the nest/shelter firmly to prevent the wind from shaking or knocking it over.

Bee Friendly Flowers

It is important to place artificial nests/refuges in areas with permanent nectariferous flowers. That’s why you’ll find a sachet of bee flower mix in the kit.
This is a mixture of honey plants for a beautiful multi-colored fragrant garden.

By sowing this biodiversity of plants, with their prolonged flowering, you will help to safeguard domestic and wild bees, butterflies and insects. After planting, keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate.

A fun and educational activity for the whole family.

e-Book about bees

An exciting book to discover the secret world of bees, also suitable for children.
Many curiosities about the mechanisms that govern the swarm as a super-organism, the properties and types of honey and hive products and beekeeping today.
You’ll discover what happens inside the hive and the role of bees within our Earth’s ecosystem.
You can’t help but fall even more in love with these precious insects!

Buy the Biodiversity Kit

BeeingHotel hexagonal + bee friendly seeds + e-book about bees

Biodiversity Kit


Why help pollinators

Bees are vital to our ecosystem, but other pollinators such as honeybees, bumblebees and other insects also actively contribute to the pollination of flowers.
By taking the pollination kit, you give these friends a comfortable home and have the opportunity to sow seeds of plants that actively contribute to the health of the bees.

Your frequently asked questions domande frequenti

Spring for solitary bees and late summer-early fall for overwintering insects.

The BeeingHotel is completely autonomous, in fact the pollinators that will be able to live inside it, are autonomous in their search for food and do not need our intervention.

Checking whether the nest/shelter has been occupied is very simple! In fact, it is enough to check if the entrance holes are closed by a mixture of earth that the insects use to shelter the eggs they have deposited in the cracks and which will complete their development in the following months.

If in spite of all the attentions, the nest/artificial shelter should not be visited by any guest, usually because it is too rare in the surrounding environment, it can be opportune to carry out some “captures” for a first activation. How?

In the right season (spring for solitary bees and late summer-early autumn for overwintering bees) the nest/shelter is placed in another more suitable place (a quiet corner in a green area with more biodiversity, the garden or the vegetable garden with the presence of nectariferous plants). After a few weeks, the nest/shelter, which should have been colonized by the insects in the meantime, is recovered and transported to the area to be colonized, so that they can spread with the new reproductive season.

Usually, the BeeingHotel, is inhabited by mason bees that are not agressive.

You can therefore safely observe these insects from very close by.

In the case of the mason bee, only the female bees have a small stinger which is almost never used; their sting is in fact very very rare and not painful.

Of course, cities such as Bologna, Rome, Turin, Milan … are perfect for the installation of a BeeingHotel.

Usually your order is processed within 3-4 days.

It depends on what stage of the year you are in.

In the spring, if the BeeingHotel is already populated, it is best not to move it so as not to disorient the insects.

During the rest of the year there is no problem, you can safely move the BeeHotel to a new location.

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