Well-beeing project

Projects with high social and environmental impact, to cultivate the well-being of bees and humans in the cities

Bees as a thermometer of the health of the air we breathe.

Bees as pollinators and champions of biodiversity.

Bees as perfect and democratic organization.

Bees as life.

Beeing, in pursuing its mission to protect bees and promote urban beekeeping, does not limit itself to the revolutionary technology of B-BOX.
Thanks to the skills and the network with professional beekeepers, sustainability consultants, scientific partners and research centers, Beeing develops and coordinates projects dedicated to the protection of bees and citizens, including the creation of new urban apiaries, the bio-monitoring of air quality through honey and bees themselves, training and team-building activities on bees and beekeeping.

The projects are aimed at municipalities, public and private entities, associations, schools and universities.

Want to develop a project that talks about bees and biodiversity in your local community? 

Current Projects

Silver Spoon bees: here's why we have 80,000 new friends

Maintain the environmental balance of the planet

The apiary of Vivaio Bicocca

A (virtual) beekeeping course and four (real) hives in town


World bee day, appointed the Park Authority "Save The Queen".

Eurotech transforms bees into environmental sentinels: how the smart hive can save the climate

Save bee queen: a beehive for the Minerva's Garden

Want to develop a project that talks about bees and biodiversity in your local community?

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