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Some of the reviews from B-BOX owners

I purchased B-BOX with the four service meetings. The beekeeper, a helpful and enthusiastic person, has followed me professionally throughout the process and even now we are in contact for possible visits. Thank you for your care in following us!
(Torino, Piemonte)
An outstanding product, very well made. Pre and after sales support is very efficient, very helpful and friendly people.
(Rimini, Emilia Romagna)
A nice discovery, supported by a work behind and a growing movement... For now it's been a year that I'm part of it, I'm very satisfied and I was happy with the seriousness of Beeing.
(Brianza, Lombardia)
The bees have to get used to their new home, they fly all over the place, but they are great and don't sting at all! We installed the frames in the honeycomb as well, thanks to the whole team!
(Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige)
Exhilarating experience, young and always helpful staff.
(Venezia, Veneto)
We are very happy with B-BOX and Beeing's partner beekeeper, everything was perfect and the hive is working great! A special thanks to Sofia for the availability, courtesy and assistance received.
(Bagnolo Mella, Lombardia)
It all seems very very well thought out to me, a few problems with assembly for me who is unrelated to "hammer and nails", but the beekeeper followed me through all the steps. Top teacher, punctual and precise!
(La Spezia, Liguria)
Thank you for your assistance and fantastic creation. I find B-BOX amazing and it finally allows even those of us who live in small environments to keep bees.
(Toronto, Canada)
When I bought B-BOX I didn't know much about beekeeping, so I visited the Hungarian Beekeeping Organization and asked for their help. I showed them the picture of B-BOX and they found it very interesting! I got 11 kg of very good acacia honey, produced by my bees! I really enjoy my beekeeping hobby!
(Budapest, Ungheria)
My husband and I assembled B-BOX in one afternoon, working hard together. We have yet to paint it, so we are waiting until next spring to put the swarm in. In the meantime, we're learning as much as we can about bees, so we'll be ready to take better care of our bees next year! We can't wait!
(Wilmington, USA)
Well thought out beehive, useful for making people and children aware of the importance of bees. Really safe thanks to the entry chimney. A joy to be able to show the bees to my children. After purchasing the first one I wanted to give another one to a children's educational farm. I highly recommend it.
(Roma, Lazio)
Sunday afternoon project with my daughter. After painting it we will add the swarm since we are approaching summer.
(KwaZulu-Natal, SudAfrica)

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