Creation of urban beehives

Each hive can host and protect up to 50,000 bees, which pollinate thousands of flowers every day. Bees are therefore essential for the protection of biodiversity and the entire terrestrial ecosystem.
With Beeing you can help the repopulation of bees in different ways:

  • by donating new hives to our numerous partner beekeepers and urban apiaries
  • by installing hives in locations identified by you, such as the garden and the roof of your company or in municipal green spaces, all with the support of our professional beekeepers who will insert the swarm and take care of it.


In the first case, if you decide to “adopt” the hive at a beekeeper or apiary partner of Beeing, you will have the certainty that new swarms will really be inserted thanks to a photo and video reporting system, messages directly from the beekeepers involved and the possibility to personally visit your hives.

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