Your journey as a beekeeper starts here

Your journey to explore the world in urban beekeeping is about to begin.

At Beeing, we want to ensure you have the best possible experience and we the take safety of you and your bees, very seriously.

That’s why preparation is key when it comes to beekeeping. That means access to professional advice and support, and above all, being curious and willing to learn.

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Online beekeeping course with B-BOX

Our online video course, organized by Beeing’s network of  experts is the perfect way to learn how to manage your first hive, anytime, from any device.

We at Beeing promote responsible beekeeping and provide training for novice beekeepers in order to enjoy the journey and keep you bees healthy and happy.

What should you expect from the course?

The course lasts 5 hours and presents the fundamentals of the field of beekeeping with a simple and concrete approach, covering the theoretical and practical aspects of hive management.

We will give you the tools you need to feel confident in starting this journey and to keep your bees safe and healthy.

The first year as a beekeeper is crucial, with so much conflicting advice and information available, it can be complex to know where to start.

So, we decided to develop our own online course for novice beekeepers, designed specifically for B-BOX owners.

Chapter 1: Introduction

– Associations and beekeeping rules
– Hive position, distance and safety
– Common sense!

Chapter 2: Legislative Aspects

– Beeing’s approach to beekeeping
– Bees as environmental bio-indicators
– What it means to be a beekeeper
– Time commitments
– Organic versus traditional beekeeping

Chapter 3: Preparation

– Painting your hive
– Equipment, supplies and materials
– Purchasing your swarm

Chapter 4: Introduction to the Hive

– Types of bees
– Bee anatomy
– Swarms as superorganisms
– Seasonal changes in the hive
– Foraging and geolocalization

Chapter 5: Practical Hive Management

– Timing of hive visits
– Approaching the hive
– Opening the hive
– Practical management of nests and frames
– Oviposition
– Swarming and ageing
– Orphanhood
– Bee stings

Chapter 6: Feeding

– Recognizing nutritional needs
– Nourishment options
– Supplements and stockpiles

Chapter 7: Diseases and Natural Antagonists

– Varroa
– European and American Foulbrood
– Atmospheric risks
– Poisoning
– The best cure: prevention
– Mortality and natural predators

Chapter 8: Honey and beehive products

– About honeycombs
– Centrifugation or natural honeycomb
– Wax
– Guiding bees to the honeycomb
– Other products, pollen, propolis and more.
– Balsamic honey

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