The first hive for urban beekeeping.


The B-BOX is made of solid fir and spruce plywood, it also features stainless steel components to ensure a long life span and the transparent components are made of transparent polycarbonate. The kit includes:
  • B-BOX with 16 collection combs
  • Assembly video tutorials
  • Access to the private group where you can ask for community support

Normally shipments are processed within 2 days from the date of order. The B-BOX is divided into three packages and usually in 48h arrives at your home

It is important to take an online or in-person course before installing bees inside the B-BOX so that you have the right knowledge of the subject to take care of these fundamental insects.

In the store section, you will find a video course on beekeeping that will allow you to start this adventure in safety.

Before carrying out treatments or inspections, it is a good idea to equip yourself with protective equipment such as a beekeeping suit and gloves in order to minimize the possibility of receiving stings; the smoker and lever also facilitate the work of controlling the swarm.

To give your B-BOX a long life it is a good idea to apply at least two years of water-based outdoor impregnation and varnish. If you have the possibility, place your B-BOX in a sheltered area.

What is B-BOX?

B-BOX is a beehive. We don’t mean to say otherwise.
But traditional hives were invented over 150 years ago for professional use. It’s time to rethink the concept of beekeeping as applied to urban environments. 

That’s why we’ve reinvented the hive to make it easier and safer for us and for the bees. 

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Safety is our priority. The bee entrance is placed more than 2 meters above the ground so that the whole family can safely approach it


Innovative honey harvesting system that separates the honeycomb from the nest. Operate it and easily extract single-portion honey without wearing protection!


Observe the bees through the transparent walls and be fascinated by the secret world of bees.  An educational activity also for children.


B-BOX is not only safe for humans but also for bees.
The honey collection system makes it easy to control honey consumption and leave enough for the bees.

B-BOX components

Allows the bees to come out already at flight height, in order to avoid having bees at man height and thus making the observation area safe.

Made of wood worked in Italy, it allows you to protect the bees from the sun and high temperatures.

The 16 collection combs are the spaces where the bees will build the wax and where they will deposit the honey. Extracting them is easy and safe, offering you honey in the right portion, ready to taste.

Honey extraction system
The most revolutionary element of B-BOX: just activate it with a simple movement of the lever to separate the honeycombs from the nest. Once activated, the honeycombs will be isolated and will confine the bees in the nest. It will then be possible to extract the honeycombs in total safety and have honey ready to consume immediately.

This is the area where the bees live and it is possible to observe them working by removing the cork insulation panels placed on the transparent walls.

The body of the hive is made of sustainable wood. The project and the workmanship are 100% Made in Italy. The transparent walls make the hive interactive and suitable for the whole family.

Separate the honeycomb and the nest with a
simple gesture

Our community of urban farmers.

The bees seem to love their new home. I don't have to do much, they take very good care of themselves.
This image represents exactly why we have a B-BOX. This is my son David and granddaughter Zoë, fascinated by bees ? (staying safe)
Our bees are doing well. There has been generational turnover as bees live about five to six weeks. By now they have doubled in number. The picture shows our bees going to and from the flowers.

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Before you get started, we recommend that you take a class, read up on beekeeping, or join a local beekeeping association for more information.
This is very important to learn about bees and have an idea of what it means to care for them. 
Our B-BOX makes the process a little easier, but you should still know the basics!

There are many courses you can choose from, either online (we made one) or in your city. Ask your local beekeeping association where you can sign up, it should be easy enough to find!

Many of our customers have never had bees before. The B-BOX team has focused a lot on trying to make the hive as safe as possible, in fact, unlike traditional hives, B-BOX has a special chimney that allows the bees to enter and exit at 2.2 meters above the ground. The whole family can approach and personally observe the hive without disturbing the bees or the need to wear protective clothing. Obviously they are not domesticated animals, it is necessary to learn their language in order to understand them and avoid making them feel in danger. Obviously threatening gestures such as abruptly knocking over the hive or similar, could scare bees and make them defend themselves.

Here is the link to the official gazette: https://www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/2004/12/31/004G0346/sg

Article 8 regulates distances: “Apiaries must be located at least ten meters from public roads and at least five meters from the boundaries of public or private property. Compliance with the distances referred to in the first paragraph is not compulsory if between the apiary and the places indicated there are differences in height of at least two meters or if they are interposed, without interruption, walls, hedges or other suitable shelters not to allow the passage of bees. These shelters must be at least two meters high. However, this is without prejudice to agreements between the parties concerned.”

The exit of the chimney is beyond the 2 meters required, in any case it is good to inquire if your municipality has more restrictive indications by calling the ASL veterinary.

B-BOX requires little space, it occupies about one square meter, it is important to check if there are any regulatory restrictions in your municipality. Ideal places are: a large terrace on the top floor or a private garden. B-BOX requires little space because for the bees it is already a safe place to live, they will then fly around (“a bee can fly for over 5 kilometers”) and look for flowers and whatever they need.

We have two packages available:
– The first one where only the B-BOX is provided
– The second B-BOX + swarm + installation and assistance from a beekeeper.
In the first option, you can contact a local beekeeper, almost all beekeepers sell small swarms as well as honey.

We always encourage responsible beekeeping and in case you have never kept bees before, we recommend doing some research before your B-BOX arrives. If you want to independently manage your new swarm, it is really recommended to take a beekeeping course. If you have no way to take a course, hire a professional, any local beekeeper is fine and has the necessary skills to manage your bees.

B-BOX is ideal for smaller spaces and urban environments because it only requires 1 square meter of space. So even if you don’t have a large yard, B-BOX will still work optimally. Bees have quite a large radius (up to 5 km) when searching for food, so as long as there are balconies or lush gardens in your area, your bees will be very happy! In any case, it’s good to always use common sense and check first if there are any special restrictions in the place where you want to install the B-BOX.

Certainly, we have the warehouse in Cesena. Just contact us before to agree on the day of collection, it will also be an opportunity to get to know each other and to better see the B-BOX.

Yes, bees can live in an urban setting too! The massive use of pesticides that is done in intensive agricultural areas has made beekeeping almost impractical. On the contrary, in an urban context, the use of pesticides is very limited and bees can find a comfortable shelter in the city. It is important to find a suitable space, in fact it is recommended to install the B-BOX in the garden or in a rooftop in order to disturb the bees as little as possible.

Most beekeepers are willing to sell their own swarm. The price varies from region to region and, above all, from the time of year in which it is purchased. On average, a swarm arranged on 4/5 frames costs around 100€, this price is lower in summer and autumn, while it can be slightly higher during spring.

Before the approach of winter, the quantity of stocks must be checked in order to verify that the swarm has enough resources to survive this season. In case the stocks are low, it is possible to supplement the bees’ feeding by using special candy that can be placed directly on the wire netting. In this way, bees will pick it up by staying inside the nest, without having the need to go up to the honeycomb.
During wintertime, it is good not to open them or to open them as little as possible: bees keep warm the inside of the hive with their own movements and opening them during a very cold day could cause serious problems to the colony.

The chimney allows you to respect certain limitations that are present in urban centers in terms of distances to be maintained. If you have the possibility to place it more than 5 meters from a neighbor or if you have a divider (bush, wall ect…) more than 2 meters high, you can install it without a chimney. The use of the latter can reduce the amount of honey produced as more energy is needed to leave the B-BOX to go and forage for flowers.

Before assembling the hive, we suggest that you give a coat of NON-TOXIC paint/impregnating agent to all of the hive components. Let the pieces dry in the sun for a day or two. Water based paint normally has the least amount of toxins.


For installation. You can find installation instructions here: https://youtu.be/I638FTNdbZs

Once you’ve built the hive, give it a couple of coats of non-toxic or low VOC paint/impregnating agent to protect it from the elements. No matter what type of paint you use for your B-BOX, use any type you would use for a regular hive. It can be water-based, oil-based, etc. The most important thing is that it has low VOC levels or is non-toxic so as not to harm the bees.

You can position your hive however you like. We recommend the “chimney” for sun exposure, but it’s best to place the B-BOX in a semi-shaded area so it doesn’t get too hot. Also, placing it under a roof will protect it from rain and snow. Since the materials are made of wood, it is always best to protect it from the elements.

In areas with strong prevailing winds, you can also attach the top of the “chimney” to the bottom to stabilize it more and apply a weight to the bottom of the hive for even more protection.

If your goal is to produce honey, you can remove the chimney and make it easy for the bees to produce. You can still get close to it to observe the bees, just be sure not to agitate them. Remember to pay attention during the observation phase.

After introducing the bees, you should not move your hive. If you want to change the direction of the “chimney”, do this very carefully so the bees can figure out where the new entrance is. The reason is because bees are very sensitive when it comes to their location. Their internal GPS is very precise, so a slight movement of the hive will affect them.

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