Where to place the hive?

You can position your hive however you like. We recommend the “chimney” for sun exposure, but it’s best to place the B-BOX in a semi-shaded area so it doesn’t get too hot. Also, placing it under a roof will protect it from rain and snow. Since the materials are made of wood, it is always best to protect it from the elements.

In areas with strong prevailing winds, you can also attach the top of the “chimney” to the bottom to stabilize it more and apply a weight to the bottom of the hive for even more protection.

If your goal is to produce honey, you can remove the chimney and make it easy for the bees to produce. You can still get close to it to observe the bees, just be sure not to agitate them. Remember to pay attention during the observation phase.

After introducing the bees, you should not move your hive. If you want to change the direction of the “chimney”, do this very carefully so the bees can figure out where the new entrance is. The reason is because bees are very sensitive when it comes to their location. Their internal GPS is very precise, so a slight movement of the hive will affect them.

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