Legambiente and Beeing together for bees

Legambiente and Beeing have been collaborating for years for the protection of bees and pollinating insects.

Through the two projects Save The Queen and Bee The Change, concrete actions are carried out in defense of these formidable insects.


On May 20th, celebrate with us the importance of bees on the day dedicated to them.

World bee day 2022

World Bee Day is celebrated on May 20th, an anniversary that reminds everyone of the importance of bees and the impact they have on our ecosystem.

Bees are increasingly threatened by anthropogenic actions, such as pesticides and pollution. If these precious insects disappeared, the consequences would be devastating.

 Our community of urban beekeepers is now present in over 40 countries around the world and all actively participate in the protection of bees and their fragile balance with the environment.

 Beeing has made this its mission and this year we wanted to involve the “bee-friendly” companies that, together with us, want to spread this important message.

We all have a duty to protect bees and to teach future generations how to behave virtuously in order to protect these extraordinary insects.

Join us and take the side of the bees


Join us and put yourself on the side of the bees: take one of these initiatives to support the bee conservation campaign!

  1. Download here, print and display the image of the bee at your door
  2. On May 20, display a yellow garment from your window or balcony
  3. Take a selfie video in which you make the sound of the bee “BZZZ” for a couple of seconds and publish it with the hashtag #BEEING4BEES
  4. Plant bee-friendly seeds or honey plants to feed pollinators


   Publish your gesture for bees on social networks with the hashtag #BEEING4BEES and tagging Legambiente and Beeing

Beeing and Legambiente together for bees

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Knowing them allows us to protect them. #BEEING4BEES

Bee-friendly companies

Do you want to adopt a hive?

If you want to actively contribute to the protection of bees, contribute by adopting a hive on adozione.beeing.it.

You will receive the beekeeper’s honey, updates on the health of the bees and you will also have the opportunity to make an exclusive visit to the apiary.

Do you want to make a donation?

If you want to actively contribute to the projects carried out by Legambiente in support of pollinators and bees, make a donation to the Save the Queen project

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