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We give you the opportunity to actively participate in our movement by making your skills available to the community. How?
  • by participating in the hive adoption program 
  • becoming a certified beekeeper

Participate in the adoption program

We have developed a beehive action program with the aim of sensitizing the community to the importance of the work done by beekeepers and to the valorization of local honey.
We encourage the consumption of honey at km0 wherever possible. 

Become a beekeeper conventioned beeing

We already have hundreds of beekeepers with whom we collaborate. 
There are several possibilities of collaboration, from the sale of swarms for new B-BOX users to the assistance of the same.
We want new hobbyist beekeepers to be adequately trained and that is why we put you in touch.

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Remotely monitor your hives

Beeing has a double soul, the one dedicated to the world of urban beekeeping, environmental sustainability projects and hive adoptions; the other part of the company creates specific technological devices for the modern beekeeper in order to provide fundamental information to beekeepers.
GPS, Scales, Temperature Sensors etc to be inserted inside the hives to get information on how the production is going, to know in advance the status of your hives and intervene in time to minimize the loss of hives and production.

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