Your journey as a beekeeper starts here

An exciting journey of discovery in urban beekeeping is about to begin.
At Beeing, we want to ensure the best possible experience and we take safety, both of people and bees, very seriously.

That’s why preparation is key when it comes to urban beekeeping.

Being prepared means being curious and willing to learn. Above all, it means being curious and willing to learn.

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Online beekeeping course with B-BOX

An online video course held by Beeing experts to better start and manage your first hive. Anytime, from any device. We at Beeing promote responsible beekeeping and we are well aware of the importance of training when starting the journey as a beekeeper, to fully enjoy the experience and keep bees healthy and happy.

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What to expect from the course?

The course has a duration of 5 hours, within which you can accelerate your learning in the field of beekeeping with a simple and concrete approach, dealing with theoretical and practical aspects of hive management.

We will give you all the tools to feel confident and make your bees feel safe and healthy.

The first year is crucial and with so much conflicting advice and information available online, it can be complex to know where to start.

So, we decided to develop the first online beekeeping starter course designed specifically for B-BOX owners.

Chapter 1: Introduction

– Associations and the beekeeping code
– Positioning, distances and safety
– Common sense!

Chapter 2: Legislative Aspects

– The beekeeping approach according to Beeing
– Bees as environmental bio-indicators
– What it means to be a beekeeper
– Expected commitment
– Biological and traditional approach

Chapter 3: Preparation

– Painting
– Equipment and Materials
– Repairing Swarm

Chapter 4: Introduction to the Hive

– Types of bees
– Anatomy of the bee
– Swarm as a superorganism
– Hive seasons
– Foraging and geolocalization

Chapter 5: Practical Hive Management

– Cadence of visits
– How to approach the hive
– Opening the hive
– Practical management of nest and frames
– Oviposition
– Swarming and seniority
– Orphanhood
– Bee stinging

Chapter 6: Feeding

– How to Recognize Hunger
– Nourishment
– Supplements and Stockpiling

Chapter 7: Diseases and Natural Antagonists

– Varroa
– European plague and American plague
– Atmospheric antagonists
– Poisonings
– The best cure: prevention
– Mortality and natural predators

Chapter 8: Honey and beehive products

– About honeycombs
– Centrifugation or natural honeycomb
– Wax
– Facilitate the ascent to the honeycomb
– Other hive products
– Balsamic honey

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Online beekeeping course with B-BOX


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