Sustainable Christmas Gifts

December has begun and like every year we already start thinking about Christmas gifts to give to our loved ones. In the last months of the year we accumulate chores and commitments that make it difficult to find the time to think about what to give to each person dear to us and then very often we opt for last minute thoughts that may be not very useful and created with polluting materials.

In the current period, with the climate crisis just around the corner, it is definitely better to choose products that are sustainable and that reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. With Beeing you have the possibility to make gifts by encouraging the circular economy and helping local beekeepers. If you prefer to make a different gift, on our shop you can also find real experiences for one person or for the whole family.

Here are some of our proposals for a sweet Christmas:

1. Adopt a beehive

There are many beekeepers who collaborate with us and who provide their hives and the honey that the bees produce through our initiative "adopt a hive". Through our website you can choose the beekeeper nearest to you (or the person to whom you want to make the gift) and select the honey you prefer (some beekeepers in addition to the millefiori also have other types of honey such as acacia, lime, chestnut, honeydew etc..). After the purchase you will also receive a certificate of adoption of the hive you have chosen and you can visit it as often as you want, agreeing with the beekeeper!
For an even more beautiful gift there is also the possibility to choose the special Honey Book
packaging in recycled paper
: it is like a book inside which you will find the honey. They are all
different because they are handmade and contain some brief information about the world of bees. The package also includes organic "bee-friendly" seeds to plant in the garden or in the flower pots we have on the windowsill so we can contribute to the repopulation of these small insects that are essential to our ecosystem.
If you are part of a company and want to give a gift to your colleagues or employees, there is also the possibility of doing a corporate adoption! Everyone will receive sustainable, km0 honey and bee-friendly seeds, but you can also decide to customize your order, based on your company's needs.

2. B-BOX

There's also the option of giving away a B-BOX, which is our urban beekeeping hive. It is a good way to start approaching this world and has considerable advantages. It is safe, in fact the bees can enter and exit only from a single point that is located 2.2 meters high and in this way there is no danger of coming into direct contact with them. Moreover, thanks to the transparent glass you can observe closely how they work, without disturbing them. It is also Bee-friendly, in fact, the moment of honey collection has been carefully designed so as not to be harmful or traumatic for the bees: only the excess honey is collected and only the part that is necessary for their nutrition is left inside the hive. It is therefore an interactive solution, perfect for a family or for anyone who wants to embark on a new path in the world of urban beekeeping!

3. Digital beekeeping course

A few months ago we added an online entry-level beekeeping course to our shop.
If you know someone who is interested in beekeeping and would like to learn more about it, or someone who has recently embarked on this experience by investing in hives or buying one of our B-BOX, then this course could be a great gift!
This is an online video course taught by the experts at Beeing divided into eight chapters. It deals with providing the basics of knowing and managing a first hive. The topics are many: differences between organic and traditional beekeeping, how to find the swarm, how to manage swarming, prevention for the most common diseases among bees and much more.
The peculiarity of this course is that being online, it can be followed at any time and from any

The Beeing staff wishes you a Merry Sustainable Christmas!

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