Sustainability is central to our purpose and runs through everything we do.

Every day, Beeing is supporting people to get to know and respect bees.  We are driven by our purpose to protect bees and pollinating insects in the relentless pursuit of a healthier ecosystem.  We believe we can build a world where people and nature can live together, in harmony. This is our mission.
Our ambitions focuses on three areas:
We provide nature-based solutions to spread responsible urban beekeeping around the world and to inspire people in creating sustainable communities, where humans and nature can live together.
Our entire work focuses on repopulating bees and pollinating insects to restore and protect the earth biodiversity. 
We develop resilience projects to address urban issues, where beekeeping becomes a vital tool to promote green jobs, push urban regeneration and enhance solidariety among citizens. 


Through our products, programmes and partnerships we seek to make a difference to society and some of the issues the world is battling globally. Doing the right thing, always, is our compass - using the innovation of our products for sustained societal impact.

Our nature-based solutions have a direct impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We want to make the most positive impact for society and environment. That means using our technologies as a powerful force to drive real change.


We've always been conscious about the connection between a healthy planet and healthy people.

We must restore ecosystems to tackle the climate crisis, save species from extinction and secure our future.

Ecosystem restoration is needed on a large scale in order to achieve the sustainable development agenda.  

We can’t meet 2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction targets -and avoid its most dangerous impacts- without restoring ecosystems and their carbon stores. Ambitious ecosystem restoration and decarbonization of national economies need to go hand in hand.

By halting and reversing the degradation of lands and oceans, we can prevent the loss of 1 million endangered species. Scientists say restoring only 15 per cent of ecosystems in priority areas can cut extinctions by 60 per cent by improving habitats.

Restoration is key to the prosperity and well-being of people. Vibrant ecosystems provide benefits from food and water to health and security that our growing population needs today and will need in the future.

At Beeing we employ all our resources and efforts to pursue our mission: to protect bees and the earth biodiversity.
From honeybees pollination depends over 80 percent of fruits, nuts and vegetables and other small grains. They also include cover crops, which farmers plant between commercial crops to prevent nutrient runoff and soil erosion and boost soil nutrients.

We would go hungry without our busy honeybees.


We see beekeeping as a tool to inspire urban regeneration: we believe that educating and engaging people about the importance of honeybees and pollinators is crucial for today and tomorrow society. 
At Beeing we not only provide people access to beekeeping but we inspire the development of vibrant bee-friendly communities, where every park, garden or balcony can be a safe shelter for bees.

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