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Innovation at the service of bee lovers: the beginning of a new era.


A swarm of bees is a single body that collaborates and organizes itself for a common purpose. We draw inspiration from them to create a community that grows together.



Extracting honey with Beeing hives is easy, but there’s still a lot to learn about it. This is why we provide newbies with a wide array of training courses to learn to understand bees and recognize swarm phases.

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Professional guidance

It all starts with Beeing selecting a professional beekeeper from your city, who will bring you your initial collection of bees for your new Beeing hive. Managing bees and producing honey is easy and you will be able to do it yourself, but if you wish, you can ask your professional beekeeper a helping hand at any time.

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Company projects

Beeing4Bees is a project addressed to businesses, whereby companies can place a beehive at their premises to produce honey as well as to obtain important data on the quality of their environment. Find out which companies have already adopted Beeing4Bees and are contributing to protecting bees!

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our products

Beeing products are designed to protect bees and make urban and professional beekeepers’ work much easier: big data, sensors, smart beehives, alarms.

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