Share your love for bees and beekeeping with Beeing! In exchange €100 for you and your friends!

Your friend will save €100 on the purchase of a B-BOX or package with assistance and you will receive a €100 discount coupon to spend on to make your B-BOX smart and monitor it remotely!

How does it work?

Click on the button PORTA UN AMICO on the bottom right of the page, or the heart if you are on a mobile, and register
Share with your bee-friendly friends the link you received. If they purchase a B-BOX or the package with asisstance using the coupon obtained following your link they will receive a €100 discount.
For each purchase made through your link you will receive a €100 discount coupon valid to purchase smart sensors for your B-BOX on

The more you share your passion, the more benefits await you!
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