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Innovation at the service of those who love bees: the beginning of a new era.



We admire bees because they are strong, organized, and efficient. We use technology to develop products which can measure up to them.


Having a beehive on your terrace or in your garden to contribute to bee repopulation and to have fresh honey everyday has never been so easy and safe! The patented technology of our b-hive allows you to extract honey safely, without coming into contact with bees. Fine materials make it a top-tier model.

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Made of natural wood, it has a Nordic design and clean lines, but it features the same technology as the b-hive, that allows you to observe bees and extract honey without a mask or gloves.

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B-secure is the digital heart that allows you to monitor your swarm from your smartphone. Thanks to an app, available both for iOS and Android systems, you can get real time information about the health status of the swarm, temperature and humidity inside the beehive, gps position, and queen bee presence. Simple and powerful, it gives you remote control of your beehive.

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We support our customers at all stages and offer tailored services to private individuals and companies: online training, courses, swarms, technical assistance, and honey analysis to measure environmental data.

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