the latest news on beekeeping

  • Different bees like different things- Some species cooperate and distribute the work load among all the members of their colony. Only those species with a highly developed social organization can display such behaviours. Bees do. During the sixties scientists started studying bees. They noticed how not only them, but also other insects and animals tend to organize their colony on… Continue Reading
  • Eu bans neonicotinoids to save bees- Using pesticides is dangerous for both honeybees and wild bees. Farmers are using seeds treated with pesticides, so they grow contaminated crops. Spontaneous flowers growing on the edges of these crops get contaminated too. Insects pollinating these flowers pick up the pesticides. This is why in recent years bees have been dying more and more.… Continue Reading
  • Social immunity will save the bees- Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is a phenomenon caused by a variety of different causes. The list begins with parasitic diseases varroosis and nosemosis, which are the most widespread diseases among bees. They are followed by honeybee viruses such as the Israeli acute paralysis virus (IAPV) and the deformed wings virus (DWV). Both viruses can be… Continue Reading
  • Wallace’s Giant Bee (Megachile Pluto) Is Still Alive- The largest bee in the world was rediscovered in the forests of the Maluku Islands, Indonesia. For a long time, many thought this species to be extinct. However, thanks to the endeavors of a small team of scientists, a female specimen was found up and about in a termites’ nest. Named after British entomologist Alfred… Continue Reading
  • Bees and their mathematical brains- The discovery of the mathematical brain of bees, published in the magazine Science Advances, shows that not always in the animal kingdom you need a large brain to have the power to reason with numbers. Bees can perform complex operations such as addition and subtraction. They just need to be trained. A team of researchers… Continue Reading