B-BOX: first ever beehive designed for home beekeeping 

Safe, simple, interactive. The game-changer of urban beekeeping.
Chosen by clients in 100+ countries all over the world. 
Whether you live in a house with a large garden or in a city apartment with a small balcony, B-BOX is for you.

Find out more about how B-BOX transforms urban beekeeping!
B-BOX is the game-changer of urban beekeeping. Our technology allows you to collect honey and observe the bees without disturbing them. B-BOX means simply harmony with nature.  



The only entrance and exit for bees is 2.2 meters (or 7.2 feet) above the ground. That means you can get close & observe your hive without disturbing the bees!


Our patent pending honey harvesting system safely separates the honey from where the bees live. You can easily harvest your honey in a bee-free environment. Just like that!

Urban friendly

The B-BOX can function optimally in a space of less than one squared meter.


The clear inner walls of the B-BOX allow you to observe your bees anytime. Watch them work, store honey and build honeycombs!


Safety is our priority.
B-BOX has been designed and tested to ensure the best coexistence of bees and humans. Our hives are created to be in accordance with current Italian regulations.*
The only point of entry and exit in the hive for bees is located 2.2 meters from the ground, so that all family members can observe, work and play around the hive in total safety.
But remember, bees are non-domesticated animals so we always suggest to get to know these beautiful animals before start your beekeeping adventure.

*for non Italian citizens: remember to check your local beekeeping regulations!


Our honey harvesting system allows you to easily separate the environment where bees deposit honey from that in which they live in. It’s not required to wear protective clothing for the process of extracting honey. In addition, this process does not mistreat bees, since it avoids crushing them during the collection process.

The dimension of the B-BOX has been studied to allow you to extract only the excess of honey, leaving enough for your bees! Always remember that honey is their nourishment and represents their stocks for cold periods.


The whole family can observe bees through the transparent walls of B-BOX.

Watch them work, building wax cells and fill them with honey… every day something magical happens!
While buying a B-BOX you can educate your kids to understand and respect these amazing animals. Bees, as pollinators, are fundamental for our ecosystem, for the biodiversity and the health of our community!


Small flat? No garden in sight?
Beekeeping is no longer just for those with large spaces but also for those who have a small garden, a balcony or a rooftop!
The B-BOX requires less than 1 square meter of space and adapts to all environments. Join the urban beekeeping movement.

The B-BOX has been designed to comply with Italian urban beekeeping regulations.


B-BOX is, at its core, a bee hive. We aren’t pretending otherwise! But the traditional beehive we all think of today was invented over 150 years ago for professional use. It’s time that home beekeeping caught up with modern technology! That’s why we’ve re-engineered the traditional beehive to be more people and bee friendly – not to mention better adapted for domestic use.


Bee Chimney

Did you know that in nature honey bees even build their hives in rock crevices high above the ground? That was our inspiration for the bee chimney – if we could move the entrance and exit point of bees away from human level we could reduce negative interactions between keepers and their bees.

Bee Viewer

In traditional hives you have to disrupt your bees to check on their health. Imagine if a giant suddenly took the roof off your house! With B-BOX, regularly agitating (and sometimes squishing) your bees is no longer necessary. Polycarbonate walls (the same material as shatterproof windows and eyeglass lenses) are hidden below the warm and cozy wood exterior panels of B-BOX, allowing you to observe your hive anytime you like! See them at work, storing honey and building honeycomb as you please. This also means you can monitor your bees’ health without disturbing the hive.

Honey Harvesting System

This may be the most revolutionary part of B-BOX. With the pull of a lever you can separate the honeycomb chamber from the rest of the hive. Bees will be able to exit the honeycomb chamber but not enter and the chamber empties out within a few hours. Then you can harvest your honey in a bee free environment! No protective clothing required. And, even more importantly, no bees die in the process!

Modular Honeycomb

Sometimes we forget that honey is our bees' food too! That’s why we developed our modular honeycomb – by taking only one of our 16 mini honeycomb frames instead of a large sheet you can control exactly what impact your honey consumption has on your hive’s health.

Customizable Hive

The body of B-BOX is a customizable hive space that allows you to organize your bees’ home however you see fit. Whether you’d prefer to fill it with traditional frames or give your bees some room to create their own structure just like in nature, B-BOX let’s you do it!

Loved by customers in 100+ countries all over the world!
Find out where!​

Who believed in us and supported us​

beeing has received recognition from a variety of prominent organizations across the globe. Volvo named beeing as one of the most environmentally conscious startups in Italy through their Taste of Volvo program. National Geographic wrote about their past projects in measuring air quality through the analysis of honey. And the Climate-KIC program supported by the European Union, invested in the development of B-BOX.


Bee pollen

Rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, beneficial fatty acids, carbohydrates and bioflavonoids, which makes it anti-viral, antibacterial and help lower cholesterol levels, as well as stabilize and strengthen capillaries. It also assists with rejuvenation of the body, stimulates organs, enhances vitality and accelerates recovery rates.


It can be used for candles and reusable cloth seals to keep food fresh. It is also a natural skin protectant, that allows the skin to breathe, making it incredible for natural beauty products.

Royal jelly

It contains high concentrations of vitamins B5, B6, and amino acids. It is believed to be a strong antioxidant and a special rejuvenating substance that promotes tissue growth as well as muscle and cell regeneration.


The clear inner walls of the B-BOX allow you to observe your bees anytime. See them work, store honey and build honeycombs!


The story of beeing started two generations ago, with Roberto's (left) grandparents. They kept bees in the Italian countryside and those traditions have been handed down from father to son. Combining that traditional knowledge with Gabriele's (right) passion for technology and innovation – beeing was born!
We are already a fixture in the beekeeping community in Italy – offering anti-theft technology for traditional hives and providing regular education opportunities and community initiatives. We even created and ran an innovative program that looked at air quality and environmental pollution in 20 different cities through the analysis of honey. We’ve learned a lot from working so closely with professional beekeepers across the country and have brought this expertise to the creation of B-BOX.

We’ve been working for three years on our innovative hives and it is finally time to bring them to you! After 10 B-BOX prototypes and 12 months of beta testing, B-BOX is now ready to bring to market. But we need your help to make it happen!


Roberto Pasi
Founder and beekeeper
Gabriele Garavini
Founder and Computer Scientist
Tanto Studio
Product Design Team
Mackenzie Garrity
Head of Marketing
Emma Law
Head of Communications
Alessio Paoletti
Global communication manager
Davide Guglielmo
Manufactoring Engineer


What do you receive when you buy the B-BOX?
B-box with 16 honeycomb frames
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