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We come from generations of beekeepers: we know bees, we know beekeepers needs and struggles. We decided to solve these struggles through technology, developing innovative products to help experts and urban beekeepers.

B-secure is the first product designed by BEEing: an innovative digital instrument that tracks beehive real time movements. B-secure is connected to the specific app sending GPS position of beehives in case of floods, thefts or other natural events. Thanks to its stand-by mode, this system is bee friendly, as it doesn’t propagate waves, so it doesn’t affect bees communication.

B-noise is the last and newest product developed by BEEing. Bees communicates through specific sounds and vibrations: B-noise is able to catch bees language and translate it into a message to the beekeeper in case of any problem, as queen death or bad health status of the hive. Prototypes are being tested at the moment and soon it will be launched on the market.

B-hive is the merge of all the technology solutions BEEing developed over the years: an innovative and Made in Italy beehive for urban beekeepers.

Our team

Roberto Pasi

Founder, CEO

Gabriele Garavini

Founder, CTO

Tanto Studio Team



Bees not only produce honey, they are responsible also for pollination and have a fundamental role in our ecosystem.

75% of the food we consume is produced by bees: not only fruits and vegetables, but coffee and milk production is connected to bees.
To promote consciousness about the importance of bees for nature, we have developed some projects with important partners with whom we share the same attitude towards the importance of bees.


Kaeser Italia has assigned to BEEing the first comparative analysis of air quality in Italy using bees as bioindicators. Analyzing honey produced in urban areas it is possible to obtain important pieces of information about the eventual presence of chemical polluting agents or heavy metal particles. The beeKaeser project has monitored 20 Italian cities analyzing the presence of lead, nickel, cadmium and chromium. You can find the results on the website:

Taste of Volvo

Volvo, worldwide famous automotive group, has been focused on the development of safe, clean and smart cars for many years now. Thanks to the project taste of Volvo, every year Volvo Italia selects innovators who share the same values and innovate their job, using new technologies in their job. Here you can see the video realized by Volvo to tell the story of BEEing and contribute to sustain bees.

Who believed in us and sustained our project

Kaeser compressori Italia
Volvo car Italia
National Geographic
PlugAndPlay techcenter

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