At Beeing, we take the safety of both people and bees very seriously. That’s why preparation is everything in the beekeeping journey.

Beeing prepared means learning and being curious about beekeeping, as well as correctly assembling, preparing and positioning your B-BOX. And, because why not, preparing your garden to be as much bee-friendly as possible!

Read, watch and learn about beekeeping!

Start contacting your local beekeeping associations, ask for a local swarm supplier for next spring and book your slot.
Beekeeping associations can also provide you with very helpful suggestions of online courses and material on beekeeping!
On top of that, you can’t miss our video tutorials specifically developed for the B-BOX owners!

Assemble and prepare your beehive!

B-BOX assembling and customization is the first fun activity of your beautiful beekeeping journey! Have a look at some of the B-BOX personalizations from our customers for some inspiration. Don’t forget to watch the module on assembling and beehive preparation in our free video-tutorials!

Plant your bee-friendly flowers!

Besides preparing your beehive, you can also create the perfect environment for your future bees!

Did you know that there are several bee-friendly plants and flowers?
Find out more in our Blog!
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