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B-BOX: first-ever beehive designed for urban beekeeping



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Safe, simple, interactive and bee-friendly. Help protect the bees and make your own honey at home.


Your bees, your honey

Observe your bees up close, in total safety

B-BOX is safe and suitable for an urban environment.

Bees do not fly at human height, instead, their entry and exit point is 2.2 meters above the ground.

It’s possible to approach the hive safely without coming into contact with the bees.

Safety first: for you, your family, and for the bees.

Harvesting honey has never been easier

With the pull of a lever, extract your farm to fork honey without coming into contact with the bees.

Our innovative honey harvesting system allows you to separate the environment where the bees deposit honey from that in which they live in.

The process is very easy and safe for you and for the bees. With our system, you don’t risk crushing them in any way!

Harvesting honey has never been easier.

Observe the secret life of bees

B-BOX is interactive and suitable for adults and children.

The whole family can observe the bees through the transparent walls, which you can’t find in any traditional hive!

It can be used as an educational tool to help kids get in touch with nature, all in total safety.

Be amazed every day by the extraordinary work of these creatures.


"The bees seem to love their new home. I don't have to do much, they take great care of themselves."

The main features of B-BOX


It allows the bees to enter and exit at flight height, avoiding having them descend to human height, in turn making the observation area safe.


Being made of wood, it allows you to protect the bees from sunlight.


The honeycombs are the spaces in which the bees build wax and deposit honey. They allow you to take the right amount of honey, ready to be eaten, while leaving most of it for the bees.


The most revolutionary element of B-BOX: with the pull of a lever you can separate the honeycombs from the nest: the bees will be able to get out of the honeycomb area, but no longer enter. It will then be possible to extract your honey in total safety, ready to be enjoyed.


This is the area where the bees live and it’s possible to watch them work by removing the insulation panels positioned on the transparent walls.


The body of the hive is made of sustainable wood. The project and the workmanship are 100% Made in Italy. The transparent walls make the hive interactive and perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

B-BOX characteristics

  • Safe for you and the bees:

    B-BOX has been developed and tested to ensure a happy and safe coexistence between humans and bees. The only point of entry and exit from the hive for bees is 2.2 meters above the ground, which allows the whole family to get up close, work, and play around the hive in total safety. Your protection is our top priority.
  • Simple to use:

    B-BOX is easy to use. The honey extraction process is fast and safe: you just need to pull a lever to isolate the environment where the bees live from that in which they deposit honey. This way you do not come in direct contact with bees. You also don’t endanger the life and health of bees by risking crushing them in the process. Collecting honey has never been easier.
  • Suitable for all spaces:

    Small apartment? No garden? Beekeeping is no longer just for those who have large spaces outside the city. B-BOX requires less than one square meter of space and has been designed to comply with the Italian national legislation on urban beekeeping. From now on you can produce honey anywhere.
  • Environmentally friendly:

    With B-BOX you will help protect bees, one of the most important pollinating insects for biodiversity, that are now in serious danger. The size of the 16 mini honeycomb frames of B-BOX offers you the right amount of honey each time and allows you to control your honey consumption and leave enough honey for the bees. Also, bees in the city are far from pesticides used in intensive agriculture, the main threat to the survival of bees. B-BOX respects bees at all times. With B-BOX you will taste excellent farm to fork honey, driving towards more sustainable cities.
  • Made in Italy:

    B-BOX is 100% Made in Italy. Designed and built by a team of industry experts, who wanted to make urban beekeeping accessible to everyone. An innovative project, easy to use, and completely safe. You have never seen anything like it.
  • Customizable:

    The preparation and customization of B-BOX are the first of a long series of fun activities for the whole family! Get inspired by our customers' beautiful customizations. You can also start thinking about the most suitable place for your B-BOX. Find the perfect angle, assemble the structure and enjoy a unique experience with your loved ones. Full creative freedom!


"This image represents exactly why we got a B-BOX. This is my son David and my niece Zoë, fascinated by bees ? (being safe)"

Why should I choose B-BOX instead of a regular hive?

A standard beehive guarantees you a greater quantity of honey, that’s for sure.

But the experience is completely different. And that's why it isn’t easy to put a price on B-BOX.

Our hive for urban beekeeping is extremely simple to use and has a unique design.

The transparent walls allow you to closely observe the whole growth process of your bees and the production of honey.

Watch them work, build wax cells and fill them with honey...

You can be amazed every day by the extraordinary work of these creatures together with the whole family.

Even children can participate! Can you believe it?
The B-BOX chimney is 2.2 meters tall and it’s the only entrance and exit for bees. This means that they will not fly at eye level.

In this way, the observation area is extremely safe and ensures that you do not come into direct contact with the bees.

No one has ever made anything like this before.

You have the opportunity to closely observe the production of honey, and to share a unique experience with your loved ones.

By placing your B-BOX in the garden or on the terrace of your home, you have the opportunity to bring kids closer to the world of bees and help them understand the bees’ crucial role in terms of terrestrial biodiversity.

A connection with nature to be experienced fully and in total safety.


"Our bees are fine. There has been a generational change as the bees live for about five to six weeks. They have doubled in number by now. The picture shows our bees going to and from flowers."

Isn't there a risk of getting stung?

Bees are not dangerous.

Unlike other insects, such as wasps (which sting regardless of who’s in front of them), they cannot afford the "luxury" of stinging anyone.

After a sting, the bee’s sting detaches, leading the animal to die after a few minutes.

For this very reason, bees do not attack humans unless they really feel threatened.

Moreover, thanks to the structure of B-BOX,  direct contact is minimal.

The chimney, the only entry and exit point for bees, is 2.2 meters tall. Consequently, there is no danger of them flying at human height.
The observation areas of the honey production process are safe.

You can approach the hive without any problems and closely watch the bees work, without bothering them, putting them in danger, or making them feel threatened.

They work with complete peace of mind, and you live a unique experience of its kind.

Bees are not domesticated animals, so we always recommend taking a basic beekeeping course to learn about the world of bees and to be able to fully enjoy your adventure with B-BOX.

Thanks to B-BOX, you have the opportunity to discover the astonishing life of these animals up close, overcome your fears and be able to understand their importance.

Without having to worry about a thing.

How does our B-BOX work?


Proceed with the assembly of your B-BOX. Our videos will show you how to assemble the hive step by step. The process is really simple.


Once you have assembled the hive, apply a couple of layers of natural or low-VOC varnish/paint to protect your B-BOX from rain and the weather. It’s important that the paint is natural, so we do not harm the bees.


You can position your hive however you like. We recommend the "chimney" to face the sunrise, but it is better to place the B-BOX in a semi-shaded area so that it is not too hot. Furthermore, the ideal place is under a roof, so that it is protected from the weather.


Once you have chosen the position of your B-BOX, you can finally introduce your swarm to the hive. With the help of a professional, the process will be fast, simple, and safe. Once this is done, you can start watching your bees work and enjoy a completely new experience with the whole family.


At Beeing, we encourage responsible beekeeping.
If you have no experience with bees and beekeeping, we recommend taking a basic beekeeping course. This way you will be able to get to know the bees and you will be able to take better care of them. Just contact your local beekeeping association and ask for available training courses. If, on the other hand, you have no way of following a course, entrust your bees to a professional. This could be any local beekeeper who has the necessary skills to better manage your bees.

How B-BOX is made



It allows the bees to enter and exit the hive at their flight height, preventing bees from flying around at human height and thus making the observation area safe for us and for bees!

Observation area

Transparent walls allows you to check the health of your bees and at the same time observe the progress of the honey harvest. In traditional hives, observation is a traumatic event for bees. Imagine if a giant suddenly took off the roof of your house! With B-BOX you won't have to worry about agitating or endangering your bees. The polycarbonate transparent walls are covered with wooden covers, which can be uncovered when needed.

Honey harvesting system

The most revolutionary element of B-BOX: just activate it with a simple pull of a lever to separate the honeycombs from the nest. Once activated, the honeycombs will be isolated and will confine the bees to the nest. It will then be possible to extract the honeycombs in total safety and have the honey ready to be consumed.

Modular honeycombs

The honeycombs are the spaces where bees build wax cells and where they deposit honey. Extracting them is very easy and safe. Though sometimes we forget that honey is also food for our bees! This is why we developed the modular honeycomb system: by collecting only one of the 16 mini honeycombs, instead of a single large frame, you can better control the impact of the honey collection on your swarm. They also offer you honey in the right portion!


The body of the hive is made of sustainable wood. The project and the workmanship are 100% Made in Italy. The transparent walls make the hive interactive and suitable for the whole family.

Loved by customers in 100 countries all over the world!
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Frequently asked questions

Many of our customers have never had bees before.The B-BOX team has focused a lot on trying to make the hive as safe as possible.Unlike traditional beehives, B-BOX has a special chimney that allows bees to enter and exit 2.2 meters above the ground.The whole family can approach and personally observe the hive without disturbing the bees or the need to wear protective clothing.Since they are non-domesticated animals, you have to learn their language to understand them better and avoid making them feel in danger.Obviously, threatening gestures such as shaking the hive etc, could scare the bees and cause them to defend themselves.

Here you will find the link of the official regulations in Italy: are regulated in Article 8: "Apiaries must be located not less than ten meters from public transit roads and not less than five meters from the borders of public or private property.”EU countries have similar laws, but it is very important to double check local laws and regulations of your city/ country.Respect of the distances referred to in the first paragraph is not mandatory if there are differences in height of at least two meters between the apiary and the places indicated therein, or if walls, hedges or other suitable shelters are interposed, without interruption, to prevent the passage of bees.These shelters must have a height of at least two meters.However, the agreements between the interested parties are reserved.Thanks to the 2.2 meter chimney, this is possible.

B-BOX requires little space, about one square meter. However, it is still very important to check if there are regulatory limitations in your municipality that overpower the provisions of national legislation.Ideal places are: a large terrace on the roof or a private garden.B-BOX requires little space because they will be flying to the surrounding areas (a bee can fly for over 5 kilometers) to look for flowers and whatever else they need.

No, it doesn’t. You can purchase bees from a local beekeeper. Usually those who sell honey will also have swarms for sale in early spring. Otherwise you can google “[your city] beekeeping association” and contact them to ask if they have any swarms for sale.

We always encourage responsible beekeeping and recommend doing some research before your B-BOX arrives if you have never kept bees.If you want to manage your new swarm independently, it is highly recommended to take a beekeeping course.If, on the other hand, you have no way of following a course, entrust your bees to a professional, any local beekeeper is fine and has the necessary skills to better manage your bees.For Italy based customers only: we offer a package in which we put you in contact with a local beekeeper who provides you bees and training.

B-BOX is ideal for smaller spaces and urban environments because it requires only 1 square meter of space.So even if you don't have a large yard, B-BOX will still perform optimally.Bees have a fairly large flying radius (up to 5km) when they search for food, so as long as there are balconies with flowers or lush gardens in your area your bees will be very happy!In any case, it is always good to use common sense and first check if there are particular restrictions in the place where you want to install the B-BOX.

Sure, if you’re ever in Italy, we have our warehouse in Cesena! We’d be very happy to show you around.Just contact us beforehand so we can set up a day to welcome you. It will also be an opportunity to get to know us and to better see the B-BOX.

Yes, bees can also live in an urban environment.The massive use of pesticides in intensive agricultural areas is making beekeeping increasingly difficult. On the contrary, in an urban context, the use of pesticides is very limited and bees are able to find a comfortable shelter in the city.It is important to find adequate space, placing them in a garden or on a rooftop is recommended in order to disturb them as little as possible.

Most beekeepers are willing to sell their swarms. The price varies from region to region and especially from the time of year in which it is purchased; on average a swarm that comes on 4/5 frames costs around €100, this price drops in summer and autumn while it can be slightly higher during spring.

Before winter approaches, the food supplies should be checked to verify that the swarm has sufficient resources to survive the cold.In the event that honey stores are low, it is possible to feed the bees protein/ sugar patties that can be placed directly on the wire mesh up top. The bees will be able to eat it through it while staying inside the nest without having to go up to the super.During the winter period it is advisable not to open the hive or at least open it as seldom as possible, the bees keep the hive warm with their movements, so opening them during a very cold day could cause serious problems for the colony.

The chimney allows you to respect some regulations that are present in urban centers in terms of distances to be maintained.If you have the possibility to place it further than 5 meters from a neighbor or if you have a bush, wall, etc., more than 2 meters tall, you can install it without the chimney.The use of the chimney can reduce the quantity of honey produced, as more energy is needed to get out of the B-BOX to collect nectar and pollen.


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