I purchased B-BOX with four assistance meetings. The beekeeper, a helpful and full of enthusiasm person, followed me professionally throughout the journey and we are still in touch for any inspections. Thanks for the care you show following us!

Marina (Torino, Italy)
An exceptional product, very well done. Pre and post sale assistance is very efficient,  very helpful and kind people.

Roberto (Rimini, Italy)
A beautiful discovery, supported by work and an expanding movement... Until now I have been part of it for one year, I am very satisfied and I am happy with Beeing seriousness.

Andrea (Brianza, Italy)
Bees have to get used to their new home, they fly almost everywhere, but they are very good and don't sting at all! We also installed the frames in the super, thanks to the whole team!

Beatrice (Trento, Italy)
Very exciting experience. The Being Team is very young and super kind!

Maurizio (Venezia, Italy)
We are very satisfied about B-BOX and the Beeing beekeeper. Everything was perfect and the hive works very well! Special thanks to Sofia for her helpfulness, courtesy and assistance.

Chiara (Bagnolo Mella, Italy)
It is all very well thought, I had some problems with the assembly, but the beekeeper helps me in all the steps. Top teacher, punctual and accurate!

Gigi (La Spezia, Italy)
Thanks for your assistance and your amazing creation. It is incredible and allows us to keep bees as we lived in a smaller place.

Dino (Toronto, Canada)
I purchased B-BOX almost one year ago. At the beginning I didn't know anything about beekeeping, so I visited the Hungarian Beekeeping Organization and I asked for their help. I showed them the picture of B-BOX and they found it very interesting. So they immediately helped me to learn how to manage the bees! I got 11 kgs of excellent acacia honey! I really enjoy my beekeeping hobby

Istvan (Budapest, Hungary)
My husband and I had it all set up in one afternoon working together. It still needs to be sealed and painted, so we are waiting until next Spring to get it going with bees. In the meantime we are learning as much as we can, in order to be ready for our bees next year! We are very excited!  

Heather (Wilmington, USA)
Well thought out hive, useful for raising awareness of the importance of bees for people and children. Really safe thanks to the entrance chimney. A joy to be able to show bees to my children. After buying the first one, I wanted to give another one to an educational farm for children. I highly recommend it.

Mirko (Roma, Italy)
Sunday afternoon project with my daughter. After painting we will add a swarm as we are now going into summer.


South Africa)

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