of bees

Technology at bees’ service: a new era has begun.

Beeing is a startup born out of sheer passion for bees.
Admiration for these special animals is what has driven us to creating innovative solutions to protect bees and simplify beekeepers’ and farmers’ work.


We help bee lovers.
We develop innovative tools that simplify beekeepers’ everyday operations. Innovative beehives for urban beekeepers, sensors for professional beekeepers and real time data for farmers to monitor pollination.



Roberto Pasi

Roberto Pasi
Founder, CEO

Gabriele Garavini

Gabriele Garavini
Founder, CTO

Franco Gabbrielli

Franco Gabbrielli
Design specialist

Giovanni Gentilini

Giovanni Gentilini
Marketing specialist

Tanto studio

Tanto Studio
Designer team

and services

Urban beehives, digital sensors, online training, hands-on courses held by professional beekeepers. Technology at the service of bee lovers: are you ready to start? Bees need you!

who believed in us
and who supported us

por fesr emilia romagna
Por Fesr Emilia-Romagna 2014/2020
emilia romagna
Regione Emilia-Romagna
LegaCoop Bologna

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