do you know where your beehives are?

b-secure allows you to track your beehive’s real time movements, with no effects on bees’ activity.

b-secure v2, is its second version, enhanced and more precise. Thanks to b-secure we have already managed to find certain beehives.

The b-secure hive antitheft device, always remains on standby to not disturb the activity of the bees, in the event of theft, movement will activate the device and send a notification to your cellphone.
From that moment, you have the opportunity to see the path the thief is making and to have the final position where your hives are left.
b-secure is equipped with a unique code, so you can see that it’s your hive.

incorporated into the frame

b-secure is incorporated into the frame, so that it does not steal the space of bees.

antifurto per arnie

ios – android

The app sends you a notification when the alarm turns on so you can check the map for the real time position of your beehive

app per furti arnie

in details

the case is made of wood in order to be completely integrated into the hive

has 6 months of battery life, so you can forget about charging it for a while

through satellite positioning, you know where your beehives are at any moment with an accuracy of 5 meters

you can choose whether to place it inside the nest frame or the super frame


The b-secure is incorporated in the frame, so it’s invisible.

bee friendly
b-secure doesn’t emit radio waves as it is always on stand-by mode, so it doesn’t affect the bees

long battery life
The battery lasts 6 months and it’s easily replaceable.

b-secure uses GPS in order to track movements, so it works in areas with bad signal reception as well.

cross-platform software
b-secure works both on iOS Apple and Android

low cost
b-secure activates only when irregular events occur, this allows to keep costs low.

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We support our customers at all stages and offer tailored services to private individuals and companies: online training, courses, swarms, technical assistance, and honey analysis to measure environmental data.

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