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Presenting the b-hive: a new way to produce honey in town.
Extract your own honey without coming into contact with bees and contribute to saving them.






Bees are special: not only do they produce honey, but they are also responsible for pollination. We wanted to give everybody the chance to know them, observe them and produce honey in a very safe and easy way.
That is how the b-hive, the first beehive for urban environments, was born. Are you ready to discover it?

The patent pending system separates the area in which bees live from the one in which they store honey, so that you can extract it safely, without a veil or gloves, and without any contact with bees either.


Having a beehive also means contributing to saving bees and helping farmers, because bees will also help pollination.







in details







It allows bees to get out of the beehive at a certain height: in this way, the area around the beehive will remain bee-free and safe for observation.




It is transparent, thus allowing you to protect bees and observe the status of honey collection at the same time.




Honeycombs are the places in which bees build wax and store honey. Extracting honeycombs is safe and easy, and they contain the right portion of honey, ready to be eaten.



patent pending system

This is the heart of b-hive: you just need to activate it with a simple movement of a lever to separate honeycombs from the rest of the beehive, which is where the bees will remain confined. At this point you will be able to extract honeycombs and get your honey.




This is the part where bees live and where it is possible to observe them at work by removing the cork panels lining the clear walls.




The circular body of the beehive is made of fine wood, while legs are made of steel to provide a solid and long-lasting base.









how it works



A professional beekeeper puts the swarm in and closes the beehive


Activation of the separation system of honeycombs from the nest



Extraction of honeycombs with honey


Observation of bees at work



A professional beekeeper puts the swarm in and closes the beehive


Activation of separation system of honeycombs from the nest


Extraction of honeycombs with honey


Observation of bees at work












The chimney is the only entry point for bees to the beehive, at 2.5 meters (over 8 ft) above the ground. As a result, the beehive is safe and you can approach it, watch what happens inside and carry out any activity without disturbing the bees.




The BEEing patented system safely separates the area in which bees store honey from the one in which they live, so that you can extract the honeycombs in a bee-free environment. It’s as quick and simple as that!




The b-hive is a beehive for the city. Its innovative design is a perfect fit for urban environments, and it creates a comfy and efficient space for bees to work and live in.




Its clear walls allow you to observe the life of bees at any time: you’ll see them work, store honey and build wax walls. With its technology you can monitor swarm parameters (temperature, health status, production) from your smartphone.




Materials were chosen to make the beehive as cozy as possible for bees. In particular, its cork lining helps maintain their standard temperature.




The beehive structure is made of sturdy materials which make it suitable for outdoor areas. You can place the b-hive on your terrace, in your garden or wherever you wish.



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BEEing experts are available every day to help you with installation, as well as to answer your questions and satisfy your curiosity.








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