It allows you to let bees out at flight height, this avoiding having bees around the hive at human height and making the  observation area safe.


Made of wood, it protects the bees from the heat and light of the sun.

Honeycomb frames

The 16 honey collection frames are the spaces where the bees build wax cells to deposit honey.  They offer you the right amount of honey each time, ready to taste and enjoy. The size of the frames allows you to leave enough for the bees.

Honey harvesting system

It is the innovation heart of our B-BOX: just activate it with a simple pull of a lever to separate the honeycomb frames from the nest. When activated, the honeycombs will be isolated, leaving the bees in their nest. It will therefore be possible to extract honey in total safety and have it ready for you to consume.


Bees live in the area below – you can watch them work by removing the wooden panels positioned on the transparent walls.


The B-BOX wood is sustainable and 100% made in Italy. A perfect combination of high quality and design.
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